Sunday, November 28, 2010

Braking Down

Ah it feels good to have been working on the car lately.  This time around I did a full front brake job on the CRX.  It was pretty easy, no major hassles once I got the penetrating oil out.  Soon I plan to tackle the rear brakes, it'll be more fun though.  I've never really dealt with drum brakes, always took them somewhere to have the work done.  That'll all have to wait though because for now I'm just doing an oil change.

Just like at work, the key is to do proper maintenance and things will, for the most part, go smooth.  Before I got my trusty CRX the car had seen some rough days for sure.  I know a previous owner had damaged the front end and did a piss poor job of fixing it.  It has also been repainted at one time but it was an extremely cheap job because it's starting to fail.  I have a friend at work telling me to buff it out and wax it but I don't really see the point.  To the trained eye it's still going to be a crappy paint job and I'd rather not look at a polished turd as the saying goes.

There are also a bit of engine issues that scream out that she's been abused at one point or another.  The timing is off a bit so the car has to have premium or I get detonation.  On a car with high compression I can understand it, but this engine shouldn't require more than the cheapest fuel.  As I get in deeper and deeper I'm replacing gaskets as I do repairs to stop slow leaks.  You know, if I'd have had time to properly search for a car I would have gotten one in better shape to start with but I didn't have the time and the price was right for what I was getting.

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