Monday, November 15, 2010

Losing my ass

I am proud to say I've finally found a weight-loss routine that works for me.  I wake up and have breakfast, I try to keep it to 600 calories or less.  Then I go to work, normal stuff until my break when I do my exercises, same for my afternoon break but I'm skipping ahead a bit there.  Lunch is my big meal, I have what I want but I make sure I don't eat enough that I feel stuffed.  As long as I eat just enough to feel satisfied I'm good, then it's back to work and the exercise break I mentioned earlier.  When I get home I just have a bowl of soup.  That's really the only massive change I've made, well that and moving my big meal to the middle of the day.  It's just me here so I usually make and eat a whole can, a can is usually 2 servings per the can but I'm still coming out way light on dinner calories.  There are even some light soups, the one I had tonight was 160 calories for the can, so keep an eye on that.  The only downside is I start to get hungry again if I stay up later than 11pm.  Once I'm asleep though I stay asleep but if this bothers you have a handful of plain mixed nuts, just avoid honey roasted or extra salty if you're trying to get healthy.

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