Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My CRX upgrade path

I'm trying to put an upgrade path down for my little 89 CRX DX as far as the engine bay goes.  This is what I've got so far, I'm not going to be racing the thing but I would like a bit more power and having an automatic doesn't help things either.

#1 make it a manual
I'm going to grab the shifter, tranny, and ecu for a manual DX and stuff them in.  The first thing most people do is go from dpfi (2 fuel injectors that act more like a carburetor) to mpfi(4 injectors, 1 for each cylinder) so the ecu should be easy to find at a very cheap price.  This will let me do things slower and at my own pace while making troubleshooting any problems a ton easier because I'm pretty much working on one system at a time.

#2 dpfi to mpfi
Depending on which engine I finally decide to swap in I'm either going to use the intake manifold from a CRX si or a del Sol.

#3 swap time
While i'd like to put a k series in there I've never fabricated anything so I'll likely go with a gsr swap at most.  Sticking to a b series engine will let me keep the ac (with a Hasport bracket) so that's my current plan.

Outside of the engine bay there's not a lot that needs done.  I want the rear window spray nozzle, antenna hole, and rear wiper arm shaved for a cleaner look and a fresh paint job.

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