Monday, May 22, 2006

Random stuff from the weekend

My car has decided it's going to spring an anti-freeze leak. I know I'm kind of a car guy, but that's mostly planning and appreciation. I'm not too good with a wrench if you know what I mean. Hopefully this weekend I can talk my little brother into helping me look for the problem. Why does it seem that something breaks down when I'm starting to get ahead? It never fails!

I'm trying to decide what to get my wife for our anniversary this year. I've been looking at diamonds and nothing really seems to jump out at me. If I were to get her an Xbox360 I think she'd kill me! I want to get her something useful since I'm in Florida right now but practical gifts for anniversaries get men in lots of trouble too. I guess there's no rush though, our anniversary isn't until August 6th.

I didn't think about it last time I posted so here goes. Bank of America finally got everything sorted out and the account is working fine. They don't give you any counter checks or anything I guess and all I need is the visa check card so I don't think I'll pay to order any. If you haven't noticed I'm not big on paying for stuff I don't want or won't use.

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