Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sport import compact tuner thing

My brother let me drive his Accord over the weekend and I think it affected me deeply. I've always been a 'car guy' from my early years spending time in my father's body shop. My first car was a classic Chevy. I won't mention my second, but it was just a car to get me through college. There was no love for that one other than it's nice cold a/c.

Almost 10 years after the import tuner scene started I've been bitten. I think it's more about the possibilities and aftermarket support than the cars themselves. Right now I'm driving a Chevy Cavalier, and you could even call it a sport compact in all honesty. Just about the only aftermarket 'stuff' for the car seems to be body kits though. Being the sleeper type I would rather have a fast car that looks plain than a slow car that looks trick so I'm going to have to find myself a new toy.

The hunt is on! :)

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