Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Holy crap The Walking Dead is good!

I guess after a title like that there's not much need to read any more right?  I was blown away by Sheriff Rick's journey through episode one, this is my favorite series of 2010 without a doubt.  I had read a lot of hype online leading up to the premiere and the show delivered on all counts.  AMC, as long as this show is on and the quality is there I'll be watching.  I can't wait to see how Sheriff Rick gets out of the mess he's in!
Of course the usual disclaimer is in effect, it's my site and my opinion, you're free to have a different one and even voice it as long as you're civil.  Read more about The Walking Dead at http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking-Dead.

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ashw said...

dude, i agree big time, it is an excellent series so far. i was preparing myself for cheesy over-the-top zombieness. but i was more than pleasantly surprised.
but one issue i have with many zombie movies (example: 28 days later) why/how is Grimes and his room the only room as far as we know the only room in the hospital untouched