Monday, November 01, 2010

E-reader madness

I spent a good part of today's lunch thinking about e-readers, specifically the Kindle and Nook.  I want to like the Nook more because it's the underdog to the almighty Kindle but the little color screen thing on the bottom turns me off.  I thought for sure the Nook would be something amazing once they released details of the next version but I was sadly mistaken.  The Nook color (NOOKcolor?) just isn't the e-reader for me right now.  I need a device with a long battery life and that pretty much means E-ink.

There is one thing about the Nook color that I do like, it's running Android.  It's a shame they gave it a locked down, neutered version of Android though.  An e-reader with full access to the Android Marketplace would be one hell of a contender for my money even with a lower battery life than I'd like.  I'm sorry Barnes & Noble but in my eyes all of the potential this product had was sucked right out of it when it was locked down.

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ashw said...

i read *.epub books on my Android mytouch phone