Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can someone explain this to me?

In the mail today I got a bill for $0.00.  I had already paid the bill a few weeks in advance so it showed up on my billing statement.  It's a little odd I guess that they do that but maybe it's their way of saying, "Thanks for giving us your money!"  This bill was 4 pages long though and that's where I have the problem.  There is a spot 2 inches high on page 1 that has the details of my bill including the payment I made earlier. Yes, they spent the money to mail 3 pages more than they needed to along with an envelope to send in a payment I already made.

Now get ready for the funny part, there's a note on one of the pages saying I can pay the bill online to be more eco-friendly as well as save the cost of postage.  Really?

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ashw said...

ive gotten bills similar, one time i paid my credit card early and paid all i owed on it and they still sent a bill with an detachable form to pay it by credit card or check