Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's broken

My daughter's arm ended up being broken. As soon as the doctor told us she broke down crying because she didn't want to be in a cast.  Somehow she had it in her mind that a cast was a permanent thing that would be with her forever.  Once we got that straightened out she seemed ok with it.  I told her the times I was in a cast they didn't have anything but the white ones and these days they may be able to give her a color she'd like.  Anyway, she said she's going to take things a bit slower from now on and it might be a while before she's skating again.

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Unknown said...

ive never broken a bone, unless you count my molar that was broken during a bar fight when i was younger.

but i have torn ligaments and tendons in almost every joint in my arms and legs, and several on each hand