Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vacation Notes

I took a little vacation the first of the month and visited with my family. My wife wasn't expecting me so she started freaking out when she gets home and finds me there. Of course it has nothing to do with the cops looking for someone and a strange man in her driveway when she pulls up. I got a chance to visit with a lot of friends from the NDA office while I was there too. I made 2 trips to the building, even more than I'd planned on because almost no one I knew was there on my first trip. 14 hours in a Cavalier is not fun but it was definalty worth it. I even got to see my daughter's last t-ball game this year. :)

For the people that know me it should be no suprise that I'm still looking for a new job. I've honestly never stopped looking since I found out I was going to get laid off from Motorola. As the saying goes it's easier to find a job while you already have one. This time around I actually love the job I'm doing but I don't feel that I'm getting the training and support I need to really learn how to do this job. It's a bloody shame isn't it?

Enough bitching and moaning for now, I should share some of the things I've seen since coming down to south Florida. Every day I go to work there's an accident, usually minor fender-benders but I've seen a big Ryder truck upside down on top of another car. Thursday I saw a little Hyundai looking car slide it's ass end out and go shooting off the interstate leaving behind what looked like a wheel that must have come off. Very comical to just about everyone except the poor sod that was in the car. I also saw what looked like a movie being filmed on I-595 too. There was a yellow car on a trailer (older car but I couldn't tell what it was in the 3 seconds I got to peek since I was headed the other direction) lit up with production lights and a police escort keeping everyone else at least 600 feet away.

That's about it for now. Questions comments hatemail and checks for cash are all welcome. HAR!

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