Tuesday, March 07, 2006

1st post!! An intro of sorts

The time I spend at work is spent doing very mind-numbing work in 25 second intervals. When the next 25 seconds rolls around I have a different customer with a different need. Because of this I only really remember 2 types of people, the polite people (very seldom happens but they do exist) and the people that are too stupid for their own good. If you’re in any way offended by the sentence before this one I suggest you re-read it.

Because my job just drags by I needed some outlet for myself and this just happens to be it. I started this on a page I was hosting 2 years ago. I soon realized I was paying for way more bandwidth than my ramblings could use and went over to myspace. I’m sure myspace has its good points but you see where I am now.

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